The Gorley Family-And More!

Tuesday, 14-Jul-2020, 1:26 PM

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 We have a Guestbook, where you can add comments, photos, an eFolio page, my speech, 206 games, the weather, a birthday reminder, and if you need help, click Contact us, or FAQ. We could discontinue the website at any time, so if you see a "Website under construction" message, then I can only log in and edit the website. If you SPAM or send me bad messages, your will account will be blocked for 10 days. Even more spamming is cause for having your account being deleted without warning. (To send a private message, move your mouse over "General" on the user bar, click "My profile on the site", then click, "Read PM"). If you are in the "Users" group, then you can do everything except for editing my website. If you are in the "friends" group, then you have everything a user can do, but you are one of my friends. If you are in the "Blocked" group, then you have spammed or something like that, and you just can't do anything. If you are in the "checked" group, then you have been checked negative for spamming, but you have limited access to my website until further notice. If you're in the "Administrator" group, then I have given you full access to my website, which has never happened before(and maybe never will). To view photos in real size, change settings so your browser will allow Pop-Ups. The birthday reminder page was deleted because the images wouldn't pop up. If they do again, I'll add the page. Soon, I will update the speech page. Last easter was when I created my website (April 4th), so happy 1st anniversary to my website!

 There's an Apture bar, so you can share my website. To open it, click on the arrow in the top-left corner of the screen.


Please note that I didn't finish the entire recording, but if someone in your family is blind, then click the play button below.







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